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A Place for Beauty and Wellness

Whether you want to enhance your butt or improve the health of your skin, we have you covered!

You’re Just One Click Away

When was the last time you’ve pampered yourself? If it’s been too long, then it’s time to give yourself a break and visit Bodistyle Skin and Body Studio to experience a one-of-a-kind beauty treatment.

Kindly fill out the form provided to set up an appointment. You may also contact us for more information.

(Please Note: The service price is next to the name of the service, the 2nd price you see is the deposit required to schedule that service. Certain packages and services have the 3% tax included)

-Please make sure to read the cancellation/reschedule policy

Address: 17940 Farmington Rd. #205, Livonia, Michigan 48152

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